"Survivor's Guide to a Healthy Grief" booklet was written in 2004 after Mary was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write down all the scriptures and things that have helped her on her grief journey after her husband died in 1997.  Amazingly, the scriptures lined up perfectly with the tools to enhance healing during a loss.  This booklet has been distributed at churches, women's conferences, grief healing seminars, and makes a great gift for a friend or relative who has lost a loved one.

​    - your booklet is the best on supporting grief I’ve read, and that is a lot.  Thank You!  You really helped, and I’m passing the booklet on… Tryna…

God's Healing Love" CD music was inspired by the Holy Spirit and to be used for healing, prayer, self reflection, bible readings, and drawing closer to God.  The CD was chosen to be used with Alzheimer's patients through Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona.  All types of music were tested with these patients which showed no response, but when they played the God's Healing Love CD, patients responded favorably, and Healing was enhanced and peace was witnessed!  Also the CD has been used by massage therapists throughout the valley.

-Your CD is fantastic... I play it over and over… I praise God for your ministry…what a needed area to be devoted… Pastor Craig/Church at Campland…

"Yes, I Believe" CD was inspired out of the death of Mary's first husband.  Eight songs, 5 traditional hymns transformed in a jazz style, and 3 originals, make up the CD.  Christian Jazz with the voice of an angel. This singer-songwriter shares her gift and praises God through her music. 

​           -You sing like an angel… your prayerful and touching words on grief and healing truly touched our hearts… Brenda Thielen/Women’s Guild President

          …your CD is simply beautiful… you really pour out your heart and soul…I am so impressed with your voice, very gentle, yet so clear and pure… knowing the story      makes the songs even more touching… Sandy Eberhardt

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God's Healing Love Ministry

  • Mercy3:02
  • He Lives5:31
  • Joyful Praises5:27
  • God Knows4:42