God's Healing Love Ministry

Helping You Thrive, Not just Survive

  • Joyful Praises5:27
  • He Lives5:31
  • Mercy3:02
  • God Knows4:42

Grief Healing Booklet includes the following Tools for Healing:

  • Write a Letter to the Deceased
  • Seek Help
  • Determination
  • Community Service
  • Do What is Right for You
  • Get a Pet
  • Allow Yourself to Feel Angry, Sad, Lonely
  • Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
  • Join an Art, Music, Fine Arts Club
  • Meditate and Pray
  • Build a Network of Friendships
  • Journal
  • Diet and Exercise - Balance
  • Create a Memorial Piece
  • Love Yourself
  • Express Your Anger in a Healthy Way
  • Allow Yourself to Get Help From Others
  • Visit the Cemetery
  • God Has a Plan For You
  • Forgive Yourself and Others
  • Find a Sense of Completeness
  • Acceptance